Disney’s “Chicken Little” (2005) Review

The Little Chicken that could... PLOT - Chicken Little has two distinct halves that against all odds, make a cohesive whole. The first half of the film is a coming-of-age redemption story with the successes and failures of the title character in his life. When that story ends on success, the film shifts to an … Continue reading Disney’s “Chicken Little” (2005) Review

Disney’s “Home on the Range” (2004) Review

Image: Disney, Wikipedia Mooooooove Over, Traditional Hand-Drawn Animation! PLOT -  Standard. Rote. Trite. "We have to save the family farm from the evil cattle rustlers!" Ugh. This film is a slog. There's barely any rhyme or reason to the events happening, and the film comes to a grinding halt at times. Progression is made, sure, … Continue reading Disney’s “Home on the Range” (2004) Review