Disney’s “Fantasia” Review

... Just visuals and music. No sound effects. No words... That's what this film is about. An inner look into the mind of Walt Disney when he is not hampered by a screenplay or a story. This film is imagination at it's purest, unfiltered. PLOT - There is no story, at least, one that does … Continue reading Disney’s “Fantasia” Review

Disney’s “Pinocchio” Review

The second film in the Disney Animated Canon, made concurrently with Snow White. It's also one of the darkest films of the Disney Animated Canon as well, leaps and bounds ahead of Snow White, being made in two years instead of four. PLOT - When elderly toymaker Geppetto (Christian Rub) wishes upon a star, a … Continue reading Disney’s “Pinocchio” Review

“The Invisible Man” Review (NO SPOILERS HERE!)

This review will most likely be vague because of spoilers. You can probably see a few twists coming a mile away (some twists were spoiled for me mere minutes into the film by putting two and two together), but let's review this. PLOT – After escaping from her abusive rich boyfriend (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), Celia (Elizabeth … Continue reading “The Invisible Man” Review (NO SPOILERS HERE!)