Disney’s “Moana” (2016) Review

'Try Everything' was so last movie. PLOT - The first half hour of this film is excellent. The exposition isn't too bad, and the character setup and conflict is explained well. It is when Moana goes on her journey that the plot gets shakier. The coconut pirates are a bizarre turn, seeming to emulate the Minions … Continue reading Disney’s “Moana” (2016) Review

Disney’s “Zootopia” (2016) Review

IMAGE: Disney, Wikipedia.org Predator Lives Matter. PLOT -  Somewhat new to Disney is the police procedural, and they nail it. It's kid-friendly, yet suitable for mature audiences. The progression of the plot isn't very complex or convoluted. Every place visited has a purpose to the overall narrative, and no place becomes over-used. The action scenes, … Continue reading Disney’s “Zootopia” (2016) Review