“Sonic the Hedgehog 2” (2022) Review

IMAGE: Paramount Pictures, Wikipedia The savior of video game movies makes its debut. PLOT – Like Sonic from the games, the plot moves faster as it goes along, having some slow expository scenes at the beginning, but giving way to more action and intrigue. This time around, it's your standard adventure plot to collect the … Continue reading “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” (2022) Review

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) RE-REVIEW

IMAGE: Paramount Pictures, Wikipedia Less than a year to redesign Sonic? Gotta go fast then! PLOT – Sonic the Hedgehog is from an island across the universe. When his home is threatened, he escapes to earth using magic rings and meets Sheriff Tom Wachowski. After accidentally teleporting the rings to San Francisco, the pair take … Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) RE-REVIEW

“Nobody” (2021) Review

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c7/Nobody_2021_Film_Poster.jpeg Just a film trying to be a Somebody. PLOT - “Nobody” doesn’t really deviate much from the standard action flick. However, it paints a picture dissimilar from most. It slowly reels the viewer into the story through some long visual exposition on Hutch’s life using tiny bursts of his day-to-day. Small snippets of his … Continue reading “Nobody” (2021) Review

Disney’s “Raya and the Last Dragon” (2021) Review

IMAGE: Disney, Wikipedia.org Should you put your trust in this film? PLOT - The beginning of the film shows great promise, with a little bit of self-awareness and modernity. It quickly falls apart, however, once the main journey starts. The film falls into a formula of collecting gems in different towns that feel like they … Continue reading Disney’s “Raya and the Last Dragon” (2021) Review

Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” (2018) Review

IMAGE: Disney, Wikipedia.org He's gonna wreck it, all right... PLOT -  One of the slower plots in the Canon, Ralph Breaks the Internet is also a betrayal of its characters. The start of the film has the characters searching for something to do out of boredom, and entering the internet. This presents several problems that deviates … Continue reading Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” (2018) Review

Disney’s “Zootopia” (2016) Review

IMAGE: Disney, Wikipedia.org Predator Lives Matter. PLOT -  Somewhat new to Disney is the police procedural, and they nail it. It's kid-friendly, yet suitable for mature audiences. The progression of the plot isn't very complex or convoluted. Every place visited has a purpose to the overall narrative, and no place becomes over-used. The action scenes, … Continue reading Disney’s “Zootopia” (2016) Review