Metroid Speedrunning

Note: Zorglorfian is my online handle Hello, and welcome to: "SPEED BOOSTER ACTIVATED! Let’s Speedrun the 2D Metroid Games!" THE METROID SERIES The Metroid series of games focuses on running, jumping, and shooting your way through caverns and spaceships while finding items that help you open up new areas later on. You play as … Continue reading Metroid Speedrunning


Marvel Legends Dormammu BAF Wave Brother Voodoo Review

Today, we’ll be reviewing toys, action figures, LEGO, and whatever toy-related thing I can get my hands on! DISCLAIMER: All screenshots, stills, photography, and other images in this blogpost are credit to the creators of the graphics and figures within. Photography and Screenshots taken by Jesse Hecht, unless otherwise noted under the image. The boxes, … Continue reading Marvel Legends Dormammu BAF Wave Brother Voodoo Review