Disney’s “Dinosaur” (2000) Review

This film has been rendered extinct... PLOT - When a young Iguanadon, Aladar, is sheltered from the outside world, a meteor strike forces him to join a herd of other dinosaurs on their way to the Nesting Grounds. As he protects his family and the weaker of the herd from their stubborn leader, he learns … Continue reading Disney’s “Dinosaur” (2000) Review

Disney’s “Tarzan” (1999) Review

Everyone's doing the Tarzan Yell these days! PLOT - Adopted by his ape family in the jungle, the human Tarzan must prove himself worthy of them, but when human explorers arrive, Tarzan discovers his own kind, and lives through two worlds. This film's plot is a course-correction of films before. It's similar to Hercules and Mulan, yet … Continue reading Disney’s “Tarzan” (1999) Review