TV Thursdays – Milo Murphy’s Law Season 1 Episodes 11-20 Review

Milo Murphy’s Law is way better in the second half. Now that the two plots are becoming more and more intertwined, the show has really been picking up steam.

Milo and friends have some great storylines this season. We FINALLY learn about the Llama Incident in its titular episode, and it pays off really well. Something the Phineas and Ferb team pulls off with bravado is their use of continuity, and a lot of jokes are re-used to great effect. A thrilling episode with a fire truck chase ends in a clever statue gag.

The two-part episode “Missing Milo” is quite the game-changer. Milo accidentally enters a Time Limo and is transported to the future where Pistachio Aliens have ruled the earth. The Pistachions, as called in the show, are a good threat, and I hope to see more of them in the coming seasons. Dakota, Cavendish, and “Team Milo” defeat them, and gain each other’s respect.

The next few episodes divert from the Pistachion storyline, and while they are similar plots to other shows (camping, sleepwalking, visiting a tech company, first date, kids having to take care of their child parents, Halloween), this show makes them clever enough and has varied time traveler plots to keep the formulas fresh.

Not surprisingly, Dakota and Cavendish are my favorite characters in the show, and their antics never fail to amuse me. They contend with a murder of crows following them, go back in time to the formative years of western civilization, and try to get their jobs back from Brick and Savannah, two other time travelers that follow a more classic spy formula. The best stories in Season One come from them – “The Island of the Lost Dakotas” and “A Christmas Peril” both make this show worth watching in its entirety. They are both heartwarming and fun episodes that build upon previous knowledge of the characters and shows the power of friendship in full force.

Elliot the crossing guard gets a great pair of shorts that test his patience, and the short “Some Like It Yacht” has the School Yacht crash into an island and the teachers create their own society. As a Lord of the Flies fan, I appreciated that.

Lastly, there is an episode “Fungus Among Us” that continues the Pistachion subplot, and gives us a cliffhanger that I can’t wait to see involving a certain… Pharmacist?

Milo Murphy’s Law has a stronger second half than it’s first. Pieces from the first half are built upon and strengthened in the second, and I hope that it gets even better when Season 2 arrives.

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