Video Game Wednesdays – JHC Mario Maker World 1: Goomba Plains

Re-posting because now I can post all of the levels in their entirety!

I’ve spent almost two years perfecting these levels and I am finally releasing them online one every Sunday. Please enjoy them and I recommend to download them and play them in groups of four in order of release. Thank you so much for playing these levels and I hope you will eventually enjoy them all. 🙂

– Jesse

PS – There are two bonus areas per level and one optional Boss Battle in each castle. Can you find them all?

Jesse Hecht CREATIVE Presents: Mario Maker World 1 – Goomba Plains

1-1: Goomba Meadow

Course ID: ADAE-0000-036D-A6DD

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Mario begins his quest in Goomba Meadow. He meets Goombas, befriends Yoshi, and treks through two bonus levels on his way to Koopa Fields.

1-2: Koopa Fields and Koopa Hill

Course ID: 61E3-0000-036D-A6E9

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Mario continues onward and meets Koopas, climbs Koopa Hill, and learns that fire can be a friend.

1-3: Winged River and Para Falls

Course ID: E8D8-0000-036D-A6F4

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Mario learns that Goombas and Koopas can have wings and travels with Yoshi along the winged river towards Triple Goomba Stack’s Fort.

1-4: Triple Goomba Stack’s Fort

Course ID: 65A8-0000-036D-A768

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Mario enters the fiery Fort of the Goomba Army and discovers that not only can coins be deceiving, but the Goomba Army’s leader is not a Goomba himself…

Thank you for playing! 🙂

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