Jesse Hecht CREATIVE Presents: Mario Maker World 2 – Koopa Troop Mines; Mario Maker World 3 – Blooper Ocean

I’ve spent almost two years perfecting these levels and I am finally releasing them online one every Sunday. Please enjoy them and I recommend to download them and play them in groups of four in order of release. Thank you so much for playing these levels and I hope you will eventually enjoy them all. 🙂

– Jesse

PS – There are two bonus areas per level and one optional Boss Battle in each castle. Can you find them all?

Jesse Hecht CREATIVE Presents: Mario Maker World 2 – Koopa Troop Mines

2-1: Koopa Troop Mountain Bridge

Course ID: [D782-0000-0343-DE38](

Mario crosses bridges and Hammer Brothers while discovering coins in invisible blocks on his way to the Koopa Troop Mines.

2-2: Hammer Bros. Drilling Area

Course ID: [8CAA-0000-0346-5A31](

Mario goes underground and confronts drill-controlling Red Koopas and Hammer Brothers. He later travels on a track, evading them all.

2-3: Koopa Troop Ore Mining Site

Course ID: [B2A5-0000-034C-4F27](

Mario avoids more drills, gets up to code with safety standards, and meets Buzzy Beetles, the native underground fauna. But… What does the Koopa Troop use all of that emerald and ruby ore for…?

2-4: Para-Sledge Bros. Ore Tower

Course ID: [DF08-0000-034C-5086](

Mario dashes past the drills, defeats Hammer Bros., and climbs vines as he ascends the ruby and emerald ore tower of the Para-Sledge Bros. … But can he defeat all 11 of them and their leader at the top?


Jesse Hecht CREATIVE Presents: Mario Maker World 3 – Blooper Ocean

3-1: Cheep-Cheep Corals

Course ID: 6090-0000-034F-3180

Bookmark Page:

Mario has heard tale of a giant Blooper as he crosses the waters of Blooper Ocean, but is it really giant, or even a Blooper at all?

3-2: Deep Blooper Sea

Course ID: 77AA-0000-0352-3AB5

Bookmark Page:

Mario finally meets the real Bloopers as he crosses the ocean towards a wrecked ship. But can he make it to the ship while under fire from Bullet Bills?

3-3: Sunken Bonefish Shipwreck

Course ID: 99A2-0000-0357-FF58

Bookmark Page:

Mario explores a sunken ship filled with coins, cannons, and undead Bonefish, but are these red coin trials purposefully wasting Mario’s time?

3-4: Blooper Family’s Sub-Castle

Course ID: 83C2-0000-0357-FF82

Bookmark Page:

Mario must save the Blooper Mother and her children from Kamek! He treks through the Underwater Castle while avoiding Cheep-Cheeps, cannons, and hot lava… But where is the Blooper Father?

Thank you for playing! 🙂

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